Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Final Entry

I've been completely negligent in updating this blog.  I left you last with everything up in the air except for the fact that Michael and I were building a house in the mountains and planning on moving there for good.  Well, that's happened!  And I've also been cancer-free since March of 2013.  We've been enjoying living our new life here, building our dream business.  

I was motivated today to write a blog because just this week Michael was uploading pictures of our recent trip to Alaska to our picture drive.  He called me over and said, look at this...at lot has changed since then...And I looked, and it was this picture of me...from the hospital, March 2011.  

I laughed it off, and agreed, WOW, yes, a lot has changed.  But this image has stuck with me.  Not in a bad way I guess.  Just stuck around for awhile.  And it occurred to me something that I don't take for granted these days anymore.  I am still here.  Not everyone gets to be so lucky.  

I hope that I make these days ahead worth it.  I want to live, laugh, love.   Experience joy and share with others.  And I guess I can take the hard stuff too...haha...for that is just part of this thing we call being human.  

So I am signing off now from the Let It Rain blog land.  I hope I don't have to revisit it again, but if I do, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  Thanks for taking this journey with me.