Friday, September 3, 2010

the letter

Here is what I wrote to Dr. Hamrick this morning:

Dear Dr. Hamrick,

It isn't without great thought, and research that we've decided to take the path of less harm to begin with. I feel like if we give this a try for a little bit longer just to see what comes of it, then we will know. We can always move forward with the harsher treatment, but we can't go back. I hope you understand.

If I start experiencing any symptoms then I will certainly pay attention and step up to more tried and true treatments.

I ask a favor, will you order a PET scan for me? I'd like to do one end of October, beginning of November.

I am forever grateful for your patience and your guidance and support during this tough time.

All the best,
Eve Bralley

That is about all I have in me to say right now other than we are all very positive and hopeful.  We have done extensive research and feel like we made this decision not out of emotion, but out of understanding and knowledge, and most importantly, out of love and the soul's speak.  The people who want me to live more than anyone else in the world support and encourage this decision and we feel lucky that we have this option open to us, where many don't have it available. 

Everyone always asks what they can do to help me, well I have an answer for you now.  Help lift us up with positivity and encouragement.  I don't want to hear negativity and I don't want to hear your opinions unless they support our decision.  No one is more informed about this than my little medical team. 

I'd like you to read this post by Patty, it explains a bit more:

Onward and upwards!  We are headed to visit Michael's parents later this afternoon, then a quick overnight camp and caving adventure in Chattanooga.  I am going to pack Curtis with me on Tuesday after my IV and head to Kiawah to spend a couple of days with my parent's relaxing and rejuvenating in the magic of that place.   Move into the Waaaah! (right Becky!)  Decision making took a lot out of me, and telling my doctor what our decision was was also very tough.  I need the magic now more than ever so I am looking forward to these next days of rejuvenation. 

So, as Michael says, our decison is made! Let's batten down the hatches and make the most of it!