Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scan is CLEAN!!

Dad took this picture.  I asked him to send me one of his sunset pictures because I felt like the sun is setting on this disease!  I love this photo. Thanks dad!

Yep, that's right folks.  Those pesky little tumors are gone!!!  It is the most we could have asked for today.  And I am ecstatic!! I made a scene in the radiology department, but the people there are like family and just helped me right along with making it...crying and hugs and joy and laughter and YES!!!  Michael was there with me to hear the good news.  It was awesome.  It IS awesome!!  So nice to get good news after all the bad news we've heard.

So now we move on to the process for the stem cell transplant.  I am not sure what that will be exactly yet. I'll keep you posted, you know I will!!!

I couldn't have done this without you all.  Truly.  You are my strength.  You are my encouragement.  You lift me up and keep me going.  I am incredibly grateful for you...every cell of my body says so.

Much love and sweet dreams!!!
p.s.  edit for Friday morning...Dr. Hamrick e-mailed me the final report from the radiologist this morning and all over it it reads COMPLETE REMISSION!!!!  yipppppeee!!!  And, all other organs look good, my lungs look BETTER.  My bones are showing some wear from the chemo, increased metabolic activity, meaning they are working hard to get those blood cells up.  Go little bones!!!  I'll feed you all the good stuff to repay you...
He also sent me this one...said it was one of his favorites.  He took this of Curtis and me soaking in the sunset December, 2004.  I love it too. 


  1. Oh my goodness, Kate! I am so floored by your generosity and kindness. The kindness of others, makes the world a better place. YOU make the world a better place. When I read your comment on my last post I was overwhelmed with love. Thank you for painting Walk the Path, thank you for posting it, and thank you for allowing me to use it on my blog. Your painting was just what I needed to remind me of what was important. That is powerful stuff! And finally, thanks for your cheerleading! :) We are all ecstatic with joy right now. It is nice to meet you Kate, over the ether. I wish you well, and many blessings, Eve

  2. If you permit, I would like to gift you with a painting. I would be honored. Your gift of sharing brings people in and allows others to be a part of others healing. That truly has been a gift to me, truly. This is why I do soul energy portraits, its a way for me to gift back and you girl are walking your path. email me at with your mailing address. I will work on it this weekend if I have your permission. God bless you and your journey. KNOW you are touching many..... that my friend is the ultimate gift!
    Kate :D

  3. Kate, I have tears in my eyes with your offer to gift me with a painting. I would love to have something of your creation blessing our home. I would cherish it forever and always be reminded of the good in life and that our soul connections are what bring meaning to this life. Thank you thank you.

  4. Awesome!! Keep in mind that the soul energy portrait will be about your energy. I will use the photo here unless you want to email me another photo, doesn't matter really though. I will get the energy from the moment. With the painting, you will also receive a written reading from Spirit if you are open. I do not want to intrude. I will place in an envelope, if you do not believe in that then just throw it away or save it for a rainy day perhaps. Its all good though Eve.

    And yes, connections are everything. Though you have walked the path of many women, your story is not the same. Honor it, honor yourself, and honor those who have stood beside you. Remain humble in your learnings, the Universe is a magnificent being. Know nothing is in vain and all has its purpose. So email me when reading to receive your gift!

  5. So amazingly happy for you Eve! What an amazing gift, life. We should all live it as you do with abandon, joy, clear eyes and humility. I send you a huge embrace full of love and kisses!

    Doing happy dance around living room. (the cats think I'm crazy) :)