Thursday, March 3, 2011

The time is almost here!

Dr. Hartle sent this to me yesterday titled "Stem Cell Art"  Such beauty, it brings tears to my eyes.  

Not much in me to give a great big post, but I wanted to pop in to say I am doing well and we are going along right on schedule for transplant tomorrow.  High-dose chemo went without a hitch, and we all celebrated yesterday with the thought that, universe willing, it will be my last chemotherapy I will ever have to do.

I appreciate so much the outpouring of love I am getting from you all--words cannot describe my gratitude.  Your love comes in so many forms, and I cherish each and every last one of them, from texts, to e-mails, to facebook comments, to phone calls, to re-birthday presents, to feeding us, to meditations, and most importantly daily thoughts, positive energies and prayers for my full recovery.

The high-dose chemotherapy is now in my body and it is working its magic.  We asked it to be here, we welcomed it in to seek out and destroy the errant cancer cells that have found a warm home these past years.  The chemotherapy is also working to eradicate my bone marrow so as there is plenty of room for these beautiful, healthy 4.5 million stem cells to move right in tomorrow and develop into strong and healthy blood cells that will bring me back to a full and vibrant life I fully expect to achieve.

This has certainly been a journey of the mind, body and the spirit.  I have grown exponentially through all of these trials, and have been blown open by the power of love, the power of giving, and our connection to the heartbeat of the universe.

So with that, a big big I LOVE YOU to all you out there reading.

p.s.  everyone says the hardest days are the ones directly after the transplant, so if I am MIA, know that I am here, just recovering.


  1. I will be there with you 100%!

  2. The first thing I did this morning was check to see if there had been an update from you. I am SO happy to read that the transplant is right on schedule. Happy rebirthday, Evie! Much love to you.